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Monday, September 3, 2018

FTU Tutorial: Autumn Magic

FREE kit Early Fall from Tiny Turtle Designs HERE
Mask and wordart HERE
 Tube:  Fuchsia by Alehandra Vanhek purchased at HaniaDesign, or tube of choice

Open the mask and wordart in PSP.
Open a new transparent canvas, 500 x 500.
Selections>Select All>Paste element (paper) 9 into selection. Ctrl+D to deselect.  Sharpen.
Element 48, resize 70%.
Element 40, resize 70%.  Add drop shadow - 2, 2, 20, 10, black.  Merge visible.
Layers>New mask layer>from image and choose gabeemask30, Invert mask data checked.
Effects>Edge effects>Enhance.  Merge group. 
Duplicate.  Gaussian blur 1.  Drag this layer to bottom.  Merge visible.
Element 31, rotate right 40°, resize 60%
Move down to bottom of masked image and drag this layer to bottom in layers palette.
Highlight top layer.  Add new raster layer.
Add custom selections with these settings: Left 111, Top 117, Right 231, Bottom 337.
Open Element (paper) 15 and paste into selection.  Add noise 80%.  Deselect.
Drag this layer to bottom in layers palette.
Duplicate.  Hit K on your keyboard to bring up the deform tool and use to move this under the middle rectangle.
Duplicate again and move under third rectangle.
Highlight top layer.  Paste Element 20.  Duplicate, resize 60%.  Move to bottom right corner of your image.
Duplicate.  Mirror horizontal.  Mirror vertical.
Add the wordart where you choose. Add gradient or drop shadow of choice.  Add any other elements you choose. 
Add your name.  Save as .png.
(Remember this is rather small - if you wish to enlarge to add a tube, increase canvas size to 700 x 700,  merge visible and enlarge by 135% - 140%.  Sharpen.  Now add your tube and copyright and save.

Written by Sharon Murray on August 17, 2018.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. 
Here are some examples created by the talented members of The Taggers Lounge:




Sunday, August 19, 2018

FTU Tutorial: Ocean Treasures

Supplies needed:
The kit "Ocean" from Elves of Rosegarden HERE
Mermaid tube of choice (I used a beautiful tube by Verymany, Mermaid 4) which you can purchase from HERE. Please use proper license!
Font of choice 

Let's get started!
(Remember to add drop shadows as you go along!)

Open sl_Frame_1.  Shift+D to duplicate, close original.
Resize by Pixels > 700, all layers checked.
sl_44, resize 78%, all layers UNchecked.
Drag this layer under the frame layer.
Move very slightly to the right and up just a little.
sl_33. Drag this layer to very bottom in layer palette and position as you wish to fill the rest of
the frame.  Erase everything that is sticking out of the frame.
Highlight top layer.  sl_26, resize 65%. Rotate left 9°.
Move this to the bottom right of the frame, where the water covers the bottom of the frame.
sl_19, resize 80%.  Move down to bottom left of canvas.
Duplicate and move over to the right side of the frame, and move down slightly to the bottom of your
canvas.  Merge down.  Drag this to very bottom layer.
Highlight top layer. sl_25, resize 20%. Rotate left 6.  Adjust>Sharpen. Move down to bottom left of frame where the
water is splashing out and drag this layer below the frame layer.
Highlight top layer.   sl_48 resize 50%.  Position to where the top of the stick is just touching the bottom left corner
of the frame.  Duplicate, and drag the duplicate layer to just below the frame layer. 
Highlight the top stick layer and erase everything of the stick except the part that is resting on the corner of
the frame.
Now highlight el_26 (the water/sand layer) and erase the parts covering the stick.
sl_46, resize 75%.  Change blend mode to color.  Erase parts on the bottom that are showing on
the sand.
sl_22, resize 85%.  Move to bottom of the frame to where the right edge meets the bottom
right corner of the frame. Blend mode to dodge.
sl_31, rotate left 90, Flip vertical. Resize 50%.  Place over the right edge of the frame.
sl_9, resize 25%.  Flip horizontal and move to bottom right corner of frame.
Duplicate. Resize 85%. Flip horizontal and move down near the end of the stick.
Paste your tube, resize and position as desired (I resize mine by 53% and I put her on the
right hand side of my canvas, and dragged this layer down between the two sl_9 layers.)
sl_41, resize 22%.  Colorize if desired.  Place this under your tube layer, behind and to the
of her knees (I assume mermaids have knees lol).
sl_30 to top layer, resize 28%.  Place beside the stick, in front of your tube beside her extended
sl_7.  Flip horizontal.  Resize 13%.  Sharpen.  Move down to just at the bottom of sl_30. 
Duplicate and drag that layer below sl_30. 
Highlight the top sl_30 layer and erase the left side to make it look like the leaf of the plant is hanging over
the top of the shell.
Use your freehand selection tool and select the pearl to the left of the shell.  Ctrl+C to copy. 
Ctrl+D to deselect. Ctrl+L to paste as new layer and move to the right, beside the mermaid,
just below the flowers. Duplicate and resize 90% and move where desired.
sl_15, resize 18% flip horizontal and place at the bottom on the sand.
sl_32, resize 10%.  Place between the starfish and the flower on the stick.
sl_40, resize 8% and place to the right and slightly down of sl_32.
sl_5, resize 8% and place between sl_40 and sl_32.
sl_27.  Resize 15%. Sharpen. Place toward the top left of the water in the frame.
sl_51, resize 10% and place above and to the left of sl_27.
sl_18. Resize 7%.  Place in front of the fish, up a bit.  Colorize if desired.
sl_16.  Effects>Geometic Effects>Circle, transparent.
Resize 120%.  Effects>Geometic Effects>Perspective-Vertical. Distortion: 30, transparent.
Effects>Edge Effects>Enhance. Duplicate.
Effects>Edge Effects>High Pass>10, Desaturate checked.
Drag this layer to bottom.
Duplicate. Resize 90%.  Adjust>Blur>Motion Blur>Angle 230, Strength 100.
Effects>Edge Effects>Enhance More.
Press K on your keyboard to call up your pick tool and move toward the top of your canvas.
Colorize if desired.
Add your copyright, name and save as .png!

This tutorial was written by Shazza on July 28, 2018.

Here are some examples created by the talented members of The Taggers Lounge

My tutorials

Hi everyone, I have neglected posting a lot of my tutorial so I have been taking the time to add some of them today.  Hopefully most of the supplies are still available!  This is turn-off of writing and posting tutorials!  I get so frustrated seeing a tutorial I would love to do only to follow the link to the supplies and they are no longer available!  I guess this is the reason why I am noticing less and less FTU tutorials and more PTU tutorials.  At least if you purchase a kit, you will always have it. 

I have recently taken advantage of some BMS deals so I will try to find some time to write up some tuts for them so you may be seeing more PTU tutorials for me.  If you're a scrap hoarder like I am, I do recommend taking advantage of tho BMS deals!  (If any newbies out there are wondering what BMS means, it stands for Buy My Store - lots of designers offer these at great prices!)

I hope you enjoy my tutorials and I would love to see your results if you take the time to do them!

FTU Tutorial: All Things Wonderful

Scrapkit from Amy and Leah's Gimptastic tuts  HERE - We will be using the kit MMCP 1
Mask 195 from Sophistocate Simone HERE
Tube of choice (sitting tube works best), or use the VeryMany tube I used from HERE. (I used Yvonne).  Please use proper license.

Font of choice (I used Aleidita, which is a pay font)

Open a new transparent canvas, 700 x 700.
Paste Frame 3.  Resize 90%.
Paste Frame 1.  Resize 86%.  Drag to bottom layer
Use deform tool and drag down until it fits within frame 3.Highlight top layer and merge down.  Rotate left 9°.
Paste cluster 1, move to bottom left of frame.
Paste cluster 3, move to bottom right of frame beside cluster 1.
Paste Cluster 2.  Resize 95% and move to bottom right of frame behind cluster 3. Drag to layer just above frame layer.
Highlight top layer and paste Cluster 4. Resize 80%. Rotate left 9°.  Move along top of frame.
Paste Frame 2.  Resize 45%.  Drag to just above frame layer and move down to bottom right of frame so that some is showing above and to the right of cluster 2.
Paste your tube - Reize and position and you wish (I resized mine 45% and positioned her to the right of my frame, below all clusters. 
 Add a new layer at the very bottom of layer palette.  Select all, paste paper 2 into selection.  Deselect.
Apply mask.  Sharpen, then sharpen again.  Merge group.
Add your copyright/license and save as .png!

This tutorial was written by Sharon Murray on April 28, 2018.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Here are some examples by the talented member of The Taggers Lounge