Friday, November 18, 2016

Tutorial: Gentle Autumn

Oh my gosh, it's been years since I've actually written a tutorial!!  Please bear with me!  :-)

For this tutorial, you will need:

PSP.  I used PSP 9, but is compatible with other versions.  This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Tube of your choice (a sitting one is preferable).  I am using one by Laguna, which you can purchase from  You must have a license to use this tube.
I am using an exclusive scrapkit by Jen's Sweet Temptations called Gentle Autumn, which you can get from The Taggers Lounge.

Mask: WSL_Mask254, which you can download from here.
Font of your choice. I used Amarillo, which you can download from
No plugins required; Eye Candy Gradient Glow for text is optional.

Ok, here we go!  (Did I mention that it's been years since I've written a tutorial??!!)

Open a new transparent image, 700 x 700.
Open GAElement21 and past as a new layer. Move up and to the right of your canvas.  Duplicate. Flip horizontal.
Bring down and align with the top layer.  Highlight your top layer and merge down.
Duplicate this layer, drag down and align, and merge as before.
Duplicate this layer.  Mirror.  Use your deform tool (press K on your keyboard)and bring in both layers to make them meet in the middle until you have something like this:

Top layer, merge down.  I used my soften tool to soften the line down the middle a bit.

Open GAElement19.  Paste as a new layer on your canvas.  Move up and to the right corner of the background you just made.
Duplicate as many times as you like and arrange until you like it.  You should end up with something like this:

Merge all the brick layers together and add a slight drop shadow (I used 0, 0, 75, 7, #404040).
Now merge that layer with your background layer.  Use your deform tool (K) and stretch out this layer to fit your canvas.

Open your mask if it isn't opened in PSP already.  Apply your mask:  Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image, Source Luminance ticked, Invert mask data unchecked and scroll to the mask and click ok. Merge layer group.
Duplicate the masked layer and merge down.  Duplicate again.  On the bottom mask layer, add Gaussian Blur of 10. Highlight the top mask layer and change blend mode to Burn.

Now to start adding your other elements.  Don't forget to add your drop shadows as you go along -I used the same as above.

Open the bench (GAElement14) and paste as a new layer, move toward the lower left of your canvas. See my tag as a reference for placement of the elements.

Open the pumpkin (GAElement8) and place on the lower left bottom of the bench and resize.  I also rotated a bit.

Open GAElement12 and move down to the bottom of the bench.  Duplicate then mirror.

Open your tube and paste as a new layer, resize and arrange her so that she's sitting on the bench.

**Most layers now will be placed behind the bench so you will need to drag under the bench layers.

Open the tree with leaves (GAElement15) and place on the left side of your canvas.  Optional: Open GAElement43 and GAElement44.  Resize and rotate as you like on the tree branches. (Sharpen if needed).

Open the owl (GAElement2).  Resize and place somewhere on the tree.

Open GAElement 39 and mirror.  Place to the upper right corner of you canvas. Resize slightly if desired.  (I also used my mask on this layer)

Open the lamp post (GAElement22) and place on the right of your canvas.  Make sure this layer is on top of the leafy branch layer you just placed.  (I duplicated, merged down this layer a few times)

Open the fountain (GAElement4) and past in front of the lamp post. Use your deform tool (K) and resize, then use your deform tool to stretch the fountain vertically.  Sharpen.

Highlight the top layer in your layer's palette and add your copyright and text.

Ok, we did it!!  Thank you for trying my tutorial!  Please share your creations with me, I'd love to show them off!

Please feel free to link to this tutorial, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but DO NOT copy it in ANY way to put on-line, pass out, or re-write without my permission.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial like this is purely coincidental.    
This tutorial was written ovember 18, 2016.  ©MyzticDesignzz

Spicy Thanksgiving Tag Show Off

I managed to gather a couple of tags that were made for my by some very talented members of TTL, but I forgot to add their names when saving my tags ggrrrr.  I would love to give you credit, so if these are ones you made PLEASE let me know so I can give you due credit!  :-)

This one was made for one of our Admins, and I wish I know who did this one, too!

Spicy Thanksgiving

I wanted to share this cute tutorial written by Rhonda, made from my kit "Spicy Thanksgiving" that you can grab from The Tagger's Lounge Blog.  Click on the image of the tag to be taken to the tutorial on Rhonda's blog called "Give Thanks".  Click on the image of the kit preview to be taken to download.  If you use my kits for any creations, I would love to see them and post them to by blog!

 Give Thanks

 Spicy Thanksgiving