My tutorials are from my own creations, and any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. You may link to my tuts, but please do not pass them around in groups, forums or emails. My tut supplies are not to be redistributed in any way! My tutorials are registered with TWI.

Any textures, elements, etc... I post here are also copyrighted to me and may not be distributed in any way. If you are a tut writer and would like to use my creations in your tutorials, please contact me and you may link to my blog.

Anything I mark as PU is just that - PERSONAL use only!  You may use the items for your own personal use, layouts, etc.. but they are not to be used in any commercial way or for any type of monetary gain.  Anything I mark as CU may be used by you in scrapkits, etc but may not be claimed as your creation and may not be used as CU4CU.

Thanks! :)