Thursday, October 1, 2009

Misfits Challenge #4

I never did finish my Breakfast at Tiffany's kit (though I did finally get around to watching it, well part of it lol). I did manage to do the latest Misfits Scrap Challenge, though I didn't get my entry in on time to get it posted. Hopefully they will post it later on their blog. I really worked on it and think it's really cute!

This kit contains:
12 Papers (800x800 300 dpi)
1 spider
4 bows
6 frames
2 witches
1 full moon
1 cauldron
2 tags
1 spider and web
1 bat
6 badges
1 black cat
2 ghosts
1 witch hat
1 jack-o-lantern
1 owl
1 Trick-or-Treat bag
1 spooky tree
3 lollipops

I hope you enjoy the kit!
Please visit the Misfits Blog HERE.
Download my kit HERE.

Photshop Course - Pen Tool

I just finished this week's Photoshop lesson. The lesson was all about the Pen tool. Gosh, they make it look soooo easy! I have never gotten the hang of it in PSP (oh those dreaded bezier curves!!) but it looks so much easier in PS and I can't wait to play around with what I've learned! I am also signing up to take the Dreamweaver classes, too. For anyone who wants to sign up for any of their classes (Flash, Lightroom, Photography, Photoshop, Dreamweaver visit HERE. They're all FREE!